Apparate- und Kesselbau Wiesloch (AKB)

As a thermal oil plant operator, you have used the supplies and services of the Apparate- und Kesselbau Wiesloch (AKB) company to date.

As a consequence of the world-wide economic crisis, Apparate- und Kesselbau Wiesloch have become unable to provide the usual services to you. You are probably aware of the fact that the liquidation procedure was completed on 31 May 2009 and the company Apparate- und Kesselbau Wiesloch has been closed down.

Precisely within the difficult economic environment, INTEC Engineering GmbH has decided to further strengthen its market position as one of the leading enterprises world-wide in the field of heat transmission and energy generation.

INTEC has secured and taken over any and all rights from the previous usiness activities of Apparate- und Kesselbau Wiesloch, effective 15 June 2009, including in particular:

The documents and information acquired enable us to support you efficiently with services, spare part supplies or answers to any technical questions about your existing plants according to your needs. We are glad to be at your disposal for any general technical consulting or any future needs you may have. In addition to the well-known oil or gas fuelled thermal oil heaters from the product range of Apparate- und Kesselbau Wiesloch, INTEC offers you heating solutions tailored to your needs, including but not limited to firing equipment for regenerative fuels.

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